‘Wearing Trousers’ collects together emerging and established female artists based in and around Thanet. 
Historically, women were prohibited from wearing trousers, both in legal and in societal terms. It was as recent as 2013 that a bylaw that prevented women from wearing trousers was lifted in Paris. This issue offers as a point from which to consider prohibitions that women have had to face, and are still facing in everyday pursuits, including the history of the conditions for female artists. 
Whilst not being grouped to satisfy a particular theme, the works in the show contribute to a wider conversation around the position that women occupy in the creative arts today. 

Artists exhibiting:
Rachel Boot, Catriona Clayson, Kim Conway, Lucy Crispin, Kay Cutler-McKenzie, Moyra Derby, Eloise Edwards, Emma Gibson, Kate Harrison, Sadie Hennesey, Elizabeth Loughran, Nova Marshall, Siobhan McGhee, Jemma Morgan, Jo Murray, Annie Nichols, Lucy Petet, Heidi Plant, Julia Riddiough, Carlos Romero, Lizzy Rose, Trish Scott, Heather Tait, Rebecca Taylor, Twinkle Troughton, Charley Vines, Hannah Weatherhead, Newton Whitelaw, Chris Yates

Crate, Margate. Opening hours: 11th-20th March, Friday- to Sunday 12-4pm.