2nd September - 5th November, Folkestone Harbour

MEMO is an independant exhibition-project made in response to the 2017 Folkestone Triennial theme, Double Edge. This two person show is running throughout the length of the triennial and features works by artists Jack Sutherland and Hannah Weatherhead.

Printed works in note form will be displayed on Folkestone's public information hubs, with two new works added each week. They serve as a reminder that art can be displayed on accessible level to everyone, without being limited to the traditional confines of the gallery space. Made in response to their environment within a public space, these works carry no preoccupation with visitor numbers, and as short-lived displays, they will be photographed in situe and recorded online.

Jack Sutherland is a painter living and working in London, whilst Hannah Weatherhead is a painter living and working in Kent.

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